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Your first visit is the time that I use to ask a lot of questions to be able to get clear on what your symptoms are as well as how and when they started. I want to know what makes them worse and what makes them better and if there are any other seemingly unrelated issues at hand that may be contributing to your symptoms.

I want to get a good understanding as to your lifestyle, exercise regime or work place environment so that I can make suggestions as to how to prevent issues from recurring. 

I also want to get a good indication of what your expectations are around the treatment of your symptoms as well as your long term health goals.

After the consultation I do a thorough examination on your spine. I believe that each person is different with a unique presentation. As a result I want to be as targeted as possible with my treatment to each individual case, so the examination is very patient specific.

The testing I employ specifically tests for movement and alignment especially of the spine as well muscle function. These include range of motions tests, orthopaedic and neurological tests, postural assessment and muscle activation tests.

If there is a good correlation between your history and examination findings and I feel that I can help you I will make my suggestions as to the care plan or treatment schedule necessary to help you. If you consent to the suggested schedule you will also receive your first adjustment at your first. 

If during the examination and consultation it becomes evident that further testing like x-rays or blood work may be necessary I’ll make that decision at this time or later if you’re not responding to the treatment plan as expected.

The initial visit typically takes about 45 minutes. It’s non-invasive and usually takes place fully clothed. I always explain what the next step is and what I’m about to do so that you know what to expect and do this as much as possible within your comfort and tolerance level.

After you receive the first adjustment, I’ll explain how you can expect to feel and what home care modalities you can apply to aid your recovery.